Stop dropping cases

Cases automatically appear on your schedule in real-time once added by the doctor or scheduler with push notifications and a 24hr reminder if final implant delivery not confirmed.

Reduce errors

Scheduled implant requests include all important case and implant info but also allow vendor to edit implant details to ensure correct product names and communicate exactly what will be provided.

Save time with reduced date entry

Since cases automatically populate, you don’t need to stop what you are doing to get cases on your calendar. Just tap to confirm that case was received. You will receive a push notification when a new case is scheduled as well.

Stop showing up to cancelled cases

Push notifications will alert you to time/date changes, product changes, or case cancellations real-time based on doctor’s primary surgical schedule.

Seamlessly transition to SurgiStream

Vendor case entry option for non-Surgistream doctors that maintains the same functionality as a doctor-generated case.   Google calendar integration gives you time to get your doctors and team onboard gradually without having to use 2 systems if you are using google calendar to organize your team and your cases.

Replace your work calendar entirely

Event scheduling module allows creation of personal and group events with invites.

Enhanced marketing ability

Add work events directly to your doctors’ surgical calendar for unparalleled access and visibility.

Visual confirmation of case status

See all your cases and their status with a condensed list view.

HIPAA compliant and case-specific text messaging

Experience the next level of HIPAA compliant text messaging that is also linked to the case to avoid miscommunication and maintain accountability.

Centralized scheduling

Option to create vendor teams and use centralized group scheduling.

Case forwarding

Set new cases requests to automatically forward to another vendor on your StreamTeam at times when you are unavailable or reassign cases to other vendors as needed for coverage.

Improve your team communication

Add your vendor team to your streamteam to view and share everyone’s calendar with multi-select feature.

Integrate with your company scheduling platform

Ability to integrate Surgistream to push demographic data for completed cases directly to company scheduling software upon request.