Surgical Facilities

Manage multiple doctors at one time

Multi-select feature allows you to view the schedule and implant status (for vendor cases) of all doctors on your StreamTeam

Get real-time feedback on implant request status

Receive immediate visual feedback directly on your calendar showing when requests are both accepted and completed without having to open the case.

Save time by not having to confirm with the vendor

Stop contacting vendors the day before a case to confirm implant status. All implant confirmations can be viewed directly in the calendar.

Communicate case and implant changes automatically

Just make adjustment in calendar. Your vendors will be notified. No need to contact the vendor separately via text or phone call over and over again when case details change.

Easily attach and share media/xrays and other important forms

Bring key people at the surgical facility onboard and use Surgistream to store and transmit important documents such as order sheets and patient H+P forms that will remain linked to the case.

Ability in integrate with any EMR

Nicely complement existing EMR or setup integration for a completely streamlined experience.

HIPAA compliant and case-specific text messaging

Experience the next level of HIPAA compliant text messaging that is also linked to the case/ case specific to avoid miscommunication and maintain accountability.  Everything stays in Surgistream to avoid confusion.

Replace your work calendar entirely

Schedule events such as meetings and on-call days for your doctor on the same platform.

Enjoy Surgistream access via mobile or desktop

Calendar database is shared real-time across all platforms for desktop or on-the-go access. Manage your doctor’s surgical schedule from anywhere.

Automate third-party supply chain logistics

Vendors are automatically notified of schedule changes real-time