SurgiStream helps providers get their surgical schedules ready for the post Covid-19 era, or any other unforeseen circumstances leading to increased risk of staff sick leave and last-minute case cancellations.

Standardization of surgical case and vendor scheduling, with improved ability to see and manipulate all aspects of the surgical case schedule real-time, gives office staff the ability to more seamlessly step-in and fill the role of a scheduler or medical assistant whether on vacation, home sick, or quarantined.

Elective case cancellations have increased due to patient fear and uncertainty, worsening financial constraints, and more onerous preoperative testing requirements. The ability to quickly identify patients with flexible schedules, and to park pending surgical cases with preloaded vendor, intra-op, and post-op preferences ensures voids created by cancellations can more quickly and easily be filled. This reduces lost productivity and lost revenue.

SurgiStream provides the perfect enhancement to your practice EHR, and it brings more predictability to these uncertain times. Take control of your surgical schedule!

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